Library of the University of Quran and Itrah Studies – Isfahan

  • The Islamic academic library of the university was established in 2006. With the expanding the academic programs of the university, significant resources of the library have been collected to support the research of the university faculty and students. There are 19,800 book titles, including 45,000 volumes of Persian and non-Persian books, journals, thesises and articles in the library with various topics in the areas of religion, philosophy and theology, Quran interpretation, ethics, Quran sciences, Hadith(Narrations), Nahj al-Balaghah, jurisprudence(Fiqh), law, psychology, education, Arabic literature, Persian literature and history. The 800-square-meter library has a male and a female’s Study Room, a large bookstore, a reference section, and a magazine section. Central Library provides the facility of Issue, Return, Renewal and Reservation of books through the latest Barcode technology to all the library members. Online Renewal and Reservation of Books can also be made through Online Public Access Catalogue. As soon as possible a museum of Quran manuscript will be established in the library.