Office of international affairs

Administrator Office of international affairs

Dr. Mohammad Hasan Yaghoubian


Expert in charge

Mr. sattar


Expert in charge

Mr. Fereydoon nejad


  • Call for Sabbatical leave

    In line with spreading the international relations and scientific interactions, the university intends to call on professors from other countries on academic sabbatical leave.  It includes short and long courses on sciences, workshop and research. Therefore, all qualified academicians should have the following skills:

    • Quran sciences and Hadith, Psychology, Nahj al-balagha and Shi’ism.

    • Arabic/English.

    • Associate professor/professor.

    • Research records pertained to the demanded major.

    Required documents:

    • Resume

    • letter of recommendation from the university

    On occasion, the university undertakes the cost of residence, but not the food, travel and invitation.


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